Congratulations to Dave Mead on the success of his new products!

Dave combined what was thought of as primitive technology and…

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Congratulations to Dave Mead on the successful launch & sales of his innovative products on!
Dave took what was thought of as primitive technology and combined it with an innovative approach to produce a new product that performs on a level with modern bows. Then he took his product and successfully built a tribe of customers and a thriving business in less than 2 years!
“Don you are a wealth of knowledge and I am truly grateful that you decided to open up your services to the public! I would not be where I am today with my products if it wasn’t for your one on one guidance!
There are so many questions that need answered, specific strategies, and tricks of the trade. You removed doubt and saved me not only thousands of dollars but also propelled me into the market place with lightning speed!
You are more of a mentor, I can tell you care about helping people achieve success. Thank you again for sharing all that you know!”
-Dave Mead, Mead Longbows
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