Are We Going Places … Or Not ?

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Are We Going Places…Or Not ?

From the time I was a little kid to date, I always planned just about every detail of every trip we ever took except one.

We had been hearing all about this event for weeks. So one day after summer school a bunch of my friends and I got into a van headed to Woodstock. It was definitely one of the wildest trips I ever took but…we never did quite get to Woodstock. They sometimes say, The journey is the destination. Nobody knows who the preverbal  “They” are, quite possibly “They” were in that van. However, I Do know that without a plan you will wander around aimlessly until you run out of gas and you will Never see Jimi.

This is true for everything in life, especially inventing. Plans need to be flexible but you need a plan. This seems to be the down fall of most struggling inventors. They confuse the destination with the plan. Wanting a licensing agreement or to bringing a product to market or to go to Woodstock are all great destinations but without a plan on how to get there you may find yourself in Virginia instead.

If you read our last eBlast you know my goal for the group is to prepare you to Make Money In 2020. To that end, I am bringing in some excellent speakers that you are not going to want to miss. Each of these will contribute knowledge that you will need to formulate and/or implement your plan.  

Up Coming Speakers

No matter your goal, no matter your industry, you will need a working understanding of how corporations think. That is exactly what you will get at our next meeting on 3/9/19. You might think, I’m not in the toy business but the toy business is Business. Not some Gummy Bear commercial showing a board meeting where all the members are talking like little kids. It’s much more gooder than that.
Karen Kilpatrick is a creative like us. She had to find her way through the darkness to become an award winning author of several series of children’s books. She also has intimate knowledge of the corporate side of the world which she will be sharing with us. Go to to read about this remarkable woman and register for the meeting. Personally, I can’t wait.
For most of us, creativity is a natural skill like throwing a ball. Nobody needs to teach you how to throw a ball. Do they? Well…that can depend on your goal. If you’re just looking for a pickup game after school, that’s one thing but if you want to go Pro, you will need an education and a life time of practice. So it is with inventing.
Ron Sargent has the creativity to invent things as diverse as the camping PortaPotti® and the fountains in EPCOT Center. Thankfully, he didn’t intermix those technologies. What a bidet!
Over the years he has developed techniques to harness his creativity, like a major league pitcher, allowing him to win game after game. If you want to move out of the little league, you want to register here  and come to the April 13th meeting.

Do You Have What It Takes?

We all wonder at times if we have what it takes to be a success. Here is a neat little chart that Juan Acevedo posted on FaceBook that shows the traits of successful and unsuccessful people. I found it very revealing.

Another Huge Educational Opportunity

This comes to us from the IGA the Inventor Groups of America. It seems a very prominent company ran a product hunt through the group and Surprise, Surprise, over 90% of what they got back was totally undeveloped, run of the mill wrought ideas that wasted a ton of very expensive employee hours. Not only did they demand their contact information be removed from the site but although they had a great relationship with InventRight before, they terminated that as well.
So the IGA is running a webinar on March 6th at 8:00 pm EST on how to submit projects to companies. I am already registered. If you would like to register for this FREE webinar go here    
Good old Ben Franklyn wrote, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” That pretty much sums it up and I hope all our locals are planning to come to the meetings.
See Ya’ll There,


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