Alamo Inventors – Wednesday January 10 – Microprocessor Prototyping For Non-Technical Inventors

Alamo Inventors Meeting

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Alamo Inventors Meeting

Wednesday – January 10, 2018


Microprocessor Prototyping For Non-Technical Inventors
Jim Brakefield

Jim Brakefield, a semi-retired electrical engineer, has worked as a research and design engineer throughout a 50 year career and will provide a basic understanding of how even non-technical inventors can prototype microprocessors for use on their inventions.

Do you need a microprocessor to operate or control data collection and possibly connect to the internet through a wireless connection for your invention?  Jim will present a short history of microprocessors and follow with descriptions of currently available user friendly microprocessors.

As an example, the Arduino form factor and software toolkit available today make real-time embedded microprocessor programming, control and operation accessible to the young and non-technical inventors.

Considerable variety exists in the small microprocessor boards and kits targeted towards prototyping.  Examples of each genre will be described, shown and demonstrated along with an assortment of microprocessor peripherals for data input and output.  Jim will demonstrate user friendly microprocessors such as the Raspberry Pi, Arduino and the ESP32.  He will boot and show installed software, download and operate a robot, and alter patterns of blinking lights via modifying simple Arduino code.

Jim will provide names of tutorial books on the Arduino and Raspberry Pi microprocessors and handouts of the presentation slides which include web addresses of  applicable microprocessor information.

Along the way Jim did a patent on floating-point arithmetic (cited by 63 other patents), scientific data analysis and visualization, circuit board design, FPGAs and programmed a number of distinct microprocessors for real-time embedded applications.  He has contributed novel microprocessor designs to  He has 60+ publications and/or presentations, some of which are occasionally cited in published papers.

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5:30 PM – 6:30 PM

6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

San Antonio Technology Center
3463 Magic Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78229
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The presentation and networking will be held in the conference room on the south side of the building which faces Fredericksburg Road.


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San Antonio Technology Center
3463 Magic Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78229
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